Select Discography

Fort Lean — New Hobbies EP / producer and engineer
Go Wolf
 Running / mixing
Longfellow — Prelude / mixing
Ace Reporter
— Yearling XL / mixing
Cymbals Eat Guitars
— Lenses Alien / engineer
— Make Them Remember / co-writer and pre-production
— Confetti / produced, recorded, and mixed
Todd Wolfe —Stripped Down at The Bang Palace / recorded, mixed, and co-produced
Anarbor — Warped Tour Exclusive Acoustic Session / recorded and mixed
Dave Melillo — Demos / recorded, produced, and mixed
The Bones Royal — Tour EP / recorded, produced, and mixed
Smile From Tokyo — EP / recorded and produced
VersaEmerge — EP / assistant engineer, guitar tech, studio photography, and video
Jolie Holland — The Living and The Dead / assistant engineer


Theo Aronson is a composer, producer, and record label owner based in Brooklyn, NY. Dedicated to producing original music, developing artists and creating compelling soundtracks for advertising campaigns, the diversity of his services reflects his deep and abiding passion for all things music.

His original music has been featured in national advertising campaigns for T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Walmart. Theo’s diverse music production credits include working with 1,2,3 (Ooh La La/Frenchkiss), Todd Wolfe (Blues Leaf), Cymbals Eat Guitars (Barsuk), and Fort Lean (Ooh La La/Caroline).

Theo splits his time between the studio and running Ooh La La Records, a boutique artist development company/record label.


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